Cloud based computing and data visualization for earthquake risk analysis

Imagine a paltform where you can produce and visualize all the data you need to make the right decision about your insurance investments. That's why risco was born

Our targets

Hazard Scientists

risco relies on the OpenQuake engine to support hazard analysts in the development of most accurate and precise models. An extensive worldwide database of hazard models is provided by risco. Still analysts are also invited to upload and share their own models.

Risk modellers

risco provides a unique experience to the most demanding modellers working on tight deadlines. An extensive database of vulnerability models from a number of different taxonomies are available, from residential and industrial buildings to bridges or lifelines, among many others. Navigate, enjoy and benefit from risco.


risco is the best partner to the most challenging situations. Offering a wide variety of measures and indicators quantified from robust multi-criteria cost-benefit analysis, risco targets industry needs and aims to provide the best support decision-making

Build your models

Build hazard and risk models with your own data. You can also check and use other user models if they allow

Run on the cloud

Prepare your jobs to be computed on the cloud, without worring about xml files

Check your results

Data visualization on maps, charts and tables. You can also export results to use for your own purposes